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Kidz City Daycare & Learning Center Programs

At our Hoboken and Union City day care & learning centers, we offer programs for children starting from 6 weeks to school aged children.
Infant Program
Your baby’s first year of life is an amazing time, filled with discovery and enormous growth. At Kidz City, we understand how delicate and complex the early stages of life are for an infant. Providing a warm, positive environment and establishing a relationship with the world is vital to their development. In addition to cuddling, nurturing and attending to your child's basic needs, our teachers are also making sure each child experience activities that will help stimulate your baby’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.

Through care giving interactions, our caregivers will frequently talk, sing songs and interact with your baby. Once your baby is 4 months and older we will start our infant curriculum. This will include several activities that will focus on the following areas.
Sensory activities
Gross and fine motor development
Social and emotional development
Language Development

Your baby's transition from home to our care should be comfortable and easy for both you and your child. This is why we will continue to follow your baby’s personal schedule, including their napping and eating times. Also, we have an open door policy for our parents. Parents can take comfort knowing they can stop in any time to visit.

Pre-Toddler Progam
Our pre-toddler class has children ranging in ages of 9 months to 16 months. This age is full of exploration and huge growth in language and social skills. Pre-toddlers are extremely curious and active learners, and our teachers recognize this and tailor their classroom specifically for the adventurous nature of this age group. Each day is filled with teacher guided open play time, as the toddlers learn how to interact with one another and the materials around them. Our teacher’s model language skills and help the children in their rooms learn to express their wants and needs. Your child is ready to begin some self help skills, and we will be working with them each day. Our pre-toddler will be using a pre-toddler curriculum that incorporates music, language, large and fine motor skills, art, cognitive, and sensory experience on a daily basis. The teachers at Kidz City foster all development by providing pre-toddlers with all the tools and activities needed to grow and learn in a way that is developmentally appropriate and geared towards each child's unique personality.

​Toddlers Program
Welcome to the busy, busy world of the Toddler Group! The years before a child enters kindergarten are among the most critical in his life to influence learning. Kidz City’s learning program provides lots of opportunities for growth and exploration in a safe environment so your child will love to learn. Each day is filled with stimulating, creative, and high energy activities designed to promote the intellectual, social and emotional growth of your each child. In our toddler classroom you can find a fully balanced day with tons of imaginative activities and play. With activities and curriculum developed specifically for the toddler group, your child will learn by having fun, which is the magic combination for being a kid.

Enrichment classes
As part of our program, we provide daily and monthly enrichment classes for our children. Some of our enrichment classes includes daily arts & craft, music, dance, exercise/gymnastic, yoga, and monthly cooking class. These classes are included with your tuition fee. 

Before & After School Program (Available in Union City location)
Before school program: Drop your child off before school and we will walk them over to school when school starts. After school program: We will pick up your child after school and walk them back to our center. Our after school program includes an afternoon snack/drink, homework time, group activities and a time for free play. Homework tutoring is available for an additional cost.

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